Sailing on the winds of changes to Kornati Islands

Kornati Islands

When we first started our sailing adventures, my wife and I had no idea where the seas would take us. We were amazed when we discovered Croatia and its raw, untouched beauty. This year, we've embarked on a rather long and thorough trip which would eventually lead us to Kornati Islands.

You’re going to love what I have to write about Kornati. The Islands are the thickest group of islands in the Mediterranean, located between the islands of Zirje, Dugi Otok and Pasman. You have the lower and upper Kornati to distinguish because the archipelago is divided into two groups.

In total there are 152 smaller islands which form Kornati Islands. I’ve mentioned before how Croatia has beautiful landscapes rich with flora and fauna, so it was easy to declare 89 of those islands national parks. It really is a wonderful sight to behold.

Keep in mind, the archipelago is private property, so we had to respect the fact that all of the islands are protected as natural heritage. I had to keep my wife away from picking up flowers or rocks, so we wouldn’t get arrested on our first visit to the Kornati Islands.

We were told that the island Purara is under some kind of special protection so that boats and people are not allowed to go near it, as well as the cliffs Klint and Violic. I guess they want to ensure that the nature is isolated from any human influence. Nature really is amazing and should be preserved as much as possible. You really can’t be disappointed with their laws since you get to witness most of the beauty on several other islands which are open to tourists for visiting.

Even though the Islands are not inhabited, we did see a few fishermen’s houses scattered around the bays. All of them offer accommodation and tasty cuisine in their restaurants. Kornati have definitely become a great tourist attraction worldwide.

Kornati Islands

We were lucky enough to have traveled to Kornati on our charter yacht which we rented from one of the local Croatian chartering agencies with whom we’ve traveled before and were very pleased with their services. Anyway, because of our sailing experience we were able to witness and document hundreds of meters long “dry walls” which were a spectacular sight we will never forget.

All of the walls were built to prevent sheep from crossing from one pasture into another, carefully constructed to avoid the force of the wind from breaking down the “fortifications”.

The only marina closest to the islands was the ACI Marina Piskera, surrounded by beautiful islets, rocks and lighthouses. There we found civilization and nourishments to continue our journey ahead of us.

We left Kornati Islands with joyful faces knowing we’ve seen one of the most beautiful places on the planet Earth. Who knows where adventure will take us next? Hopefully some place even more astonishing than Kornati. That we’d really love to see! Wouldn’t you?

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